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SUBJECT: Indoor Guard & Percussion 2/15/2020


Just like the outdoor program, we need parent volunteers to help out each week. This is important for the safety of our students and allows the directors to focus on what they need to do. Please follow the link below to see when you can help.

The Appo Indoor Home Show is February 29th and is also on the website as an event. This is a FULL day and we need all hands on deck to run a successful event.  Please look at the areas and shifts and see where you feel comfortable volunteering. If you have any questions, please let me know! 


Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Competition at Cab Calloway


For parents travelling to the competition:


Cab Calloway School of the Arts

100 North Dupont Road

Wilmington, DE 19807


It is $10 for adults, and $8 for students/seniors. Cab is the former Wilmington HS, for anyone unfamiliar with the area. Each student must have a signed competition permission slip. There MUST be one signed for each member in order for you to get on the bus, otherwise, you are not allowed to travel with us!  If you haven't turned on in, please click on the link to open the WORD document.


Robbie Davidson, Director

As we start to piece together a complete production I would like to remind everyone that all rehearsals are open rehearsals. You are all free to drop in to see exactly how much hard work and dedication goes into producing what amounts to a theatrical production of this caliber. Visitors are always welcomed and encouraged!


Rehearsal this week will be Thursday February 13th from 5pm to 8pm with PARENT PREVIEW!

We will be hosting a preview show for friends and family Thursday, February 13th at 8pm at Bunker Hill Elementary School. This will be our first full performance before we start officially competing and it would be nice to have as many parents as we can in attendance so you can see what your kids have been working so hard on. 


Competition @  Cab Calloway

7:30- Report to AHS/Load trailers

8ish- Rehearsal starts at AGW
11:40- Final Run
12:00- Load trailers
12:30- Depart AGW(Bring lunch for the ride)
1:00- Arrive at CCSA(100 N Dupont st Wilmington DE 19805)/unload/BATHROOM
2:00- Outside warm up if nice outside
2:30- Warm Up(HS Bandroom)
3:00- Warm up ends
3:09- Ready area
3:18- The Last Goodbye
3:27- Load Trailers
3:36- If time, watch Cab Drumline
4:36- Help Silver
6:47- Help Maroon- Back in Gym after
7:20- Imperial Dynasty Performance
8:00- Awards
8:45- Back on bus
9:30- Arrive at AHS/Unload trailers
10:00- Dismissed

*every show day schedule is different and any major changes day of will be sent out via remind*

As we start our competition season, I'd like to remind everyone that these days are VERY unpredictable, and it is impossible for anyone to make and stick to a schedule 100%. For instance, the only times on this schedule I'm completely sure will happen according to schedule is the report time at 7:30. Show day schedules are approximate, and we are unable to control what happens in relation to the schedule at other schools. I will do my best to ensure the accuracy of this schedule, but please understand that some times may be adjusted. Any significant changes will be sent out via the remind as they are happening. Please bear with me if there are ever any delays in things like returning to the school, and the dismissal time.

With that being said, show days are also very long days. Show venues typically sell food and concessions, so it is advised that you send your students with some money for the day, as performing makes EVERYONE hungry.


Please make sure we are adhering to the attendance policy as laid out in the contract. If your student does not have an excused absence as determined by the school's code of conduct, it is not an excused absence from rehearsal. I understand that things DO come up sometimes at the last minute, but I ask that it is communicated to me by you, the parents, and not the children please.

Students should be present and ready to rehearse AT the start time and we stop rehearsal at the end time, meaning the students will still need to clean up and pack up after the end time. 


If you are writing out a check for the indoor dues they get made out to AHS music boosters. Please make sure to include the students name in the memo of the check and if you’re giving cash have it in a sealed envelope with the students name and “percussion indoor dues” on the front. 

As always, if you have any questions about anything at all, please feel free to email me, text me, call me, or come in to speak to me in person. If you choose to call me I typically don't answer the first call, so feel free to leave a voicemail letting me know who called and I'll call back as soon as possible.



Michael Hope, Director

Our first indoor competition is here!

Let’s really push hard this week to make sure we have a great first show of the season!

Competition @  Cab Calloway

Team Notes

Silver: We have gone over hair and make-up. We will be checking to make sure everything is done properly. There will be some variations as we go through the season. I will hand out make-up on Saturday. Remember that a tube of white make-up should last 3-4 shows, and the tube of black should last the whole season. Don’t forget to get make-up sponges and accessories to help apply the make-up.


Maroon: If you did not get your hair approved on Saturday, please see Ashley or myself on Wednesday. Make sure you have everything you need! Make sure to have your gray/gold make-up ready.


We will be travelling separate from percussion on the way up, but we will all leave together after the awards ceremony. Silver has a quick turn-around between percussion and their performance. After we get percussion off the floor, Silver will head back to finish getting ready. Maroon will stay to help percussion to their trailers. We will not have our uniforms this weekend. Please make sure you have your black clothes that we went over at rehearsal. Uniforms will be in for the home show in 2 weeks! Make sure you have slip on shoes. This will help as we get ready.


10:15 AM – Report to AGW

10:30 AM – Rehearsal begins

1:00 PM – Rehearsal ends. Pack/load the trailers

1:30 PM – Depart AGW

2:00 PM – Arrive at Cab Calloway

3:18 PM – Percussion performs (Maroon/Silver help)

4:52 PM – Silver Performs (Maroon/Percussion help)

7:03 PM – Maroon performs (Silver/Percussion help)

8:00 PM – Awards

8:45 PM – Depart Cab Calloway

9:15 PM – Arrive at AGW/Dismiss